Pekingese Characteristics – From Head to Toe


Pekingese Characteristics – From Head to Toe

Now, let us all embark on a detailed review on pekingese characteristics. Irresistible, very bold, lovalable, proud and quaintness are words that all describes a pekingese. Pekingese are so lovable and not bad tempered like what others percieve them to be. They are easy to please and are always suspicious of strangers or anything that is not familiar with them. Also known as the ‘lion dog’, having a full mane and pear-shaped body, they do somehow resemble the king of the jungle. Having said that, you should also know that a peke isn’t afraid of animals that are twice or thrice their size.

They are very wonderful watchdogs, they bark at anything suspicious yet they never bark just for the sake of barking! They enjoy playing and romping around, going on walks, or simply sitting down by your side. They love to be the center of it all, so giving him your affection is everything to him. They are known to be hardy little pooches, having a stamina that is 2x their body size. They also have very clean habits and loves being groomed. They tend to be very unhappy of their coats get matted, tangled and dirty.

They also love to show off, after all, they are a proud breed. They tend to stand as tall as they can, stretch their paws and find ways to get your attention. They also play with their paws a lot just like how kittens do.

Pekingeses walk on a side-by-side, rolling gait. This is to distribute their weight evenly on their short legs. Thus, looking at them run or walk is very enjoyable and cute. Having very long coats waving at the wind, they are such pretty runners. As a parent, a pekingese is one devoted mother to her litter.

Pekingese Characteristics

Big Egos

Most Pekingese are viewed as a very subdued animal because of their tiny stature. These dogs can sense this and often act on it with responsive displays. Their possessive nature for their owner will be shown with outwardly aggression to any threatening source.

Other dogs and animals or people can become targets of barking, growling and snapping. Only a Pekingese’ owner should try to discipline them as another person may be snapped or bitten upon attempting.

Source: Dog First Aid 101,

Pekingese Detailed Characteristics

Type: Small dog
Category: Toy Breed
Full name: Beijing Dog
Other names: Fu Dog, Lion Dog, Lion Quan, beijing Pakistan
Weight: 3-6 kgs
Height: 15-23 cm
Coat: Long, fluffy
Life expectancy: 12-13 yrs

Is noble, brave, stubborn, picky eater, intelligent, proud. Independent and straight to the point. With very high self-esteem.

Broad, large skull with flat top. Jaw, chin, and cheeks are wide. The width of the face is more than the height of a rectangular head.
Eyes are round, dark, large and shiny.
The nose is wide, short, black and flat.
Wrinkles are a big bulge in a pekingese face. Fecial wrinkles are divide into two parts.
Mouth is strong, wide, and solid. Lips is being pressed into a horizontal line.

A pekingese’s neck is thick and short. With a compact and pear-shaped body. Chest width is slightly protruded. Tail is curled to the back.

Same with the forequarters.

Thick and short with developed bones.

Elegant, relaxed and sometimes wobbly. Walks in a side-by-side, rolling gait position.

Body is completely covered with 2-layer thick coat.

And that is the complete head to toe pekingese characteristics. It is your simple guide on how to determine this breed when you see one. It is quite important to research and learn as much as you can about the breed that you are about to make a pet. This is to prevent any incompatibility in the household. If you ask me, you can help more if you adopt a dog from the shelter then buying one from the pet store. Just my own opinion though.

I really wish this post has been most helpful to you, dear readers. If you wish to tell us something, feel free to leave your messages below.



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