Pekingese Pregnancy


So, you have a pekingese pregnancy issue at hand? Congratulations! When taking care of a pekingese that is pregnant, an owner doesn’t have a clue on what to expect really especially if its the first litter.

What you can first notice is your pekingese would tend to become more raidant as her pregnancy progresses. Her traits and characteristics would be more profound. And it is normal to see your pekingese have a decreased appetite during her first few stages of pregnancy.

As for activity, you will notice that it would really decline. And this is due to her hormone level fluctuations. And another thing to notice is the fact that your pekingese would now develop nipples.

This is mother nature’s way of preparing the female species for milk production. It is also notable that your pekingese would have mood swings every now and then.

Another thing to note is that your pekingese would now prefer to have time alone. She will become distant and aloof. This is her way of preparing herself for motherhood. Just let her be and see to it that she has access to clean food, water and blankets.

Three to 4 weeks after her pregnancy you will notice that her appetite would increase drastically. So, expect her to gain weight and for her tummy to bulge a bit.

Pekingese Pregnancy

Pekingese Pregnancy

Pekingese gestation period is about nine weeks, within the first month, there is no indication. After fifth weeks, you will find it breast changes, mammary pedicled increases, prominent, belly slightly increased. To sixth, seven weeks, breast will be particularly expansion; to prenatal week, animal was on the ground, observe carefully, you can see the movements of the fetus when racking mother’s belly.

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What Happens during the Last Term Phase:

  • A typical dog would deliver their litter within the next 56 days. If you notice that your peke’s belly is quite big then chances are she is carrying a number of puppies.
  • A slight increase in the abdomen would depict that your dog is only having 1 or 2 puppies. And if you are keen enough, you would be able to see the pups move inside her belly during the last weeks of gestation. Also, your pekingese’s milk expression would begin as her delivery draws near.
  • Once her labor draws near, you will notice that your pekingese will become restless and would continuously rearrange the blankets in her area. This is a natural instinct for dogs, thus it is important to give your little mommy-to-be her own personal spot which she is comfortable in. Provide her with a soft covered, clean spot as her birthing area.
  • Once she had given birth, watch over her and her litter to ensure the health of the entire lot. Bring them to the vet soon after.

For a toy breed like this one, a pekingese pregnancy is no joke. It is crucial for the owner to know what to do for their pet. Although your pekingese may not have issues with her child-birthing process, one have to know the basics of the doggy first aid just in case.




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