Everyone Deserves To Love And Be Loved : Adopt A Pekingese


Everyone Deserves To Love And Be Loved : Adopt A Pekingese

Adopt a Pekingese– the country’s solution in helping the Pekingese survive year after year. With the overpopulation in shelters all over the country plus the high rates of euthanization (4.5 million pets a year), adopting a dog (pekingese or not) is one of the best things you can do in order to help resolve this problem. The very first thing you need to ask yourself when deciding whether adopting an adult Pekingese or a Peke pup, would depend on how much time are you willing to spend in housebreaking and training the pup. It takes a great deal of knowledge plus patience to train a Peke pup, it is such a big responsibility not to mention your commitment must be serious. One more thing to consider is if you can afford to have a puppy. Aside from the store price, having a puppy is quite costly, I must say. They need vaccinations, spayed or neutered which are very expensive surgeries. Pekingese dogs are quite stubborn in general especially when it comes to training them. Nevertheless, if you are truly up for the challenge and you think you have the patience, then go locate a shelter and help save a life by adopting a pet.

Too often, people adopt a dog because it is “cute” or “fashionable” rather than based on the merits of its behavior and energy levels. In these situations, the dog may be returned to the dog rescues, shelter, kennel, or breeder, and each return is a black mark on that dog’s record. It suggests that the dog is un-adoptable, and the more often a dog is returned, the more likely it is to eventually be euthanized. Source: Cesars Way, http://www.cesarsway.com by Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer)

Once you have taken the necessary steps and have deliberated properly about it, try to consider getting a dog, Pekingese or not.  But first, here are some facts that you should know before you adopt a Pekingese.

Facts you must know prior to adopting a Pekingese

  1. Breed Description – Pekes are also known as Foo Dog, Pelchie Dog or Lion Dog since they depict the Chinese guard lions. This toy breed came all the way from China and usually weigh around 7-14 pounds with a height of 6-9 inches.
  2. Coat – Pekes usually have long, straight, and tacky top coat with a soft and thick inner coat.
  3. Activity – A Pekingese is a toy dog that will adapt rather well if you live in an apartment. They need little exercise and they usually get that inide your place already. They don’t enjoy in long walks and also they are not ideal in a hot, humid climate. They prefer to have air conditioned comfort.
  4. Care – Pekes require everyday brushing of their coats so that it is presentable as well as healthy. If you are able to meet this, then you will only be required to go to the groomers once in every 3 months. If you fail and your Peke has become filthy, take them to the groomers at once.
  5. Temperament – They are a loyal breed and by nature protective with its handler. Sometimes they even get possessive and jealous. They can be wonderful watchdogs since they bark immediately at what they perceive as dangerous. They are also known as picky eaters, but that is not an excuse of not giving them an unhealthy diet.
  6. Training – Independent and stubborn. They are not among the easiest to train. They are obedient at their own pace and needs a handler who is patient to train them.

Finally, the Pekingese is a stubborn yet charming creature! Rest assured it will capture your heart when you see one. They are a breed that is innately good-natured and affectionate but independent and fearless.

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