How to find a reputable dog breeder – Find the best Peke pup!


How to find a reputable dog breeder – Find the best Peke pup!

How to find a reputable dog breeder in the community? While good old mutts make great companions, a lot of people would still go for trait, character, perdictability and the likes of a specific breed of dog. And a breeder is your only reliable source on getting hold of a wonderful purebred pups.

But be cautious! Don’t settle for just any breeder. It is so important to choose the right breeder for your Pekingese. Genetics is a complicated science and it should not be taken lightly. Most people who breed their dogs may or may not know the family tree of the pooch; they even don’t know the issues lurking that familial tree.

The very first thing you should do is ask your groomer, vet, other pet owners or boarding kennels on who are the reputable breeders in your community. Also try your local kennel club about it. Doing your homework and conducting a background check is a must. After all, you only want the best for your Pekingese, right?

Once you have found a breeder, visit his or her place. It must smell good and clean. Avoid breeders who have massive dogs as they could be a puppy mill posing as a breeder.

Ask if you could take a look at the whole litter and at least one of the puppies’ parents. They must all look healthy, well-fed and with no disease or whatsoever. The puppies should be outgoing and sociable, they shouldn’t be afraid of the breeder.

How to find a reputable dog breeder?

Here are some places to start to find a responsible breeder.

  • Dog shows. A dog show is a great place to find good breeders. You can see some of the breeder’s dogs and, at a benched show, talk to the breeder to see whether he or she might have the dog you are looking for. In general, show breeders know what they’re doing, and their primary concern is in improving the breed.
  • Breed-specific bulletin boards on the internet. Breeders and people who know good breeders often post regularly on bulletin boards. Do a search for the breed you want, then log on to a lively site and post a message stating that you are looking for a responsible breeder of the kind of dog you have in mind. Check our Dachshund Links to find the web addresses of some good dachshund bulletin boards.

The more sources you investigate, the better your chances of finding a reputable breeder.

So now you have a list of names. How do you decide which breeders are responsible breeders? The same way you find out most things in life: Ask questions! Here are some questions that can help you weed out the breeders you wouldn’t want to deal with and help you on your way to finding a great dog! Remember that someone who is selling puppies and who doesn’t want to take the time to answer your questions is probably not a breeder you want to deal with. The breeder should be eager to help you learn all you can. After all, they might be sending one of their puppies home with you!

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A good breeder should:

  • Be very knowledgeable on the breed. He/She must be able to answer all of your inquiries since she knows all the standards, temperament, etc… of the breed.
  • Ask you tons of questions. He/She should also conduct a meet up of your entire family and would want to know about your liestyle, financial situation and about yourself in general. Good breeders are responsible owners thus they want to be sure that their puppies would be living in a caring and loving homes. They tend to go on great lenghts just to get this ensured.
  • Be concerned about the puppy until the end. By this, I mean he/she would even ask you to sign a contract, stating your responsibility as an owner, etc. And expect the breeder to show up in your place once in a while just to follow up on how the pet is doing.
  • They keep the puppies at least 6 weeks old. 8-12 weeks is the ideal time here, really.
  • Be able to provide references. A responsible breeder can offer you his/her references willingly.

Signs of a good breeder:

  • Both puppies and parents live inside. Peke pups who are going to be family dogs should be raised with the family inside the house. Not in the backyard, garden, garage or basement.
  • Clean place. Do not mind the messy laundry bin or the unwashed dishes in the sink. Check the dog’s sleeping quarters: is it safe, clean, has clean water, toys and beds? Is their a potty area for them or is the entire room a one big toilet? If its the former, then be happy because it means the pups have a head start on housetraining already.
  • The dogs are relaxed around people. If they all appear to be comfortable with humans then it is a sure sign that they have been loved and cared by the breeder.
  • He joins dog shows or other similar competitions. A responsible breeder is enthusiastic about the breed itself and not by making money.
  • He would ask you to sign a neuter/spay contract. If you are going to get a puppy from him/her he would ask you to sign a promissory note on neutering or spaying the pup if you ain’t going to breed it.
  • The breeder is honest about the breed. Whether it means a drawback on the breed – developing health issues or a change in temperament. A responsible breeder would want you to care and love your dog for their entire lifetime.
  • The breeder would take back the puppy. Yes, you read it right. he would take back the puppy, at any stage of the pooch’s life if you are unable to follow the contract you signed for him/her. If you have proven to be an irresponsible owner, then he will surely take the dog back.

And there you have it. You now know how to find a reputable dog breeder. By all means, do your homework and do it right. Now, you are officially equipped with the knowledge on how to spot a responsible breeder, use it.

If there are other tips that I have forgotten to mention here, go ahead and share it with us. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and might as well share this post to your friends.



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