What does a Pekingese dog eat?


What does a pekingese dog eat? Feeding your Pekingese is all about trial and error to find the right food fit for your pet. Trying to find the right dog food for you is not merely about what your Peke will eat, rather it is locating the food that is nutritionally healthy for him. Majority of Peke owners and handlers have a hard time getting it accomplished.

The biggest issue for Peke owners is the fact that the dog is such a picky eater and would even go on hunger strikes most of the time. Dogs are smart in general and the Pekingese is a very smart breed. They are well aware how long they can live off without food or up until when you allow them to do it. True, they love snacks and treats but sometimes they refuse this too just to show you that they are upset about something.

There are various foods available there in the market that will suit your Pekingese. The key here is to find a food that will meet their needs and their taste. It can range from home made mixture, commercial dog foods, or a combination of the two. Most Peke owners will go for a mixture of ground turkey, liver, gravy and bits of vegetables and their pets love it. You can even mix dry dog food with this mixture if you wish.

What does a Pekingese dog eat?

What does a Pekingese dog eat?

A Pekingese’s diet should include a proportionate blend of rice, corn, poultry, soy and beet. Try not to give your dog food items like avocados, oats, white potatoes, horse meat, chicken and beef. Also you must make sure that your Pekingese consumes high quality protein. Optimum protein can from food items like eggs, small birds, mice and rats. Occasionally you may give your dog pleasant surprises in the form of foods laden with yummy fillers and sugars. If you are cooking for your Pekingese, then you may also add a vitamin supplement to fulfill aptly all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

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What to give:

Recommended amount is 1/2-1 cup high quality dry food per day, divided in 2 meals. A highly active dog will need more food than the lazy dog.

Raw diet is the term given to natural foods, in other words, not cooked. A Pekingese digestive system is a whole lot different from other breeds and you should consider a nutritious, balance meal for your pet. If you are unable to cope with his dietary requirements, he would start shedding excesively, temper tantrums, loose or constipated stool, etc…

Raw diet these days have increased in popularity because it is treating your dog the way nature does for him. So, a raw diet for your pekingese is the safest bet, that I know. He will be getting his nutritional needs and calories needed.

Raw diet consists of raw meats. Your pekingese’s body will function if he is able to ingest raw meat. It is the proper way to do things for them. In choosing the right meat, there are lots to choose from, fatty, lean, beef, venison, etc… Consult your vet for the approprite meat composition for your pekingese. Getting the right diet for your dog can go a long way in contributing to the general improvement of your pekingese.


Always bear in mind not to give them sweets, fried and spicy food. The pekingese like any other dog loves chocolate, but it is very bad for them. Chocolate is toxic for dogs due to the methylxantines present in them. A handful of chocolate can really kill a small dog.

Common Food Allergy:

  • Whey
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Corn
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Lamb
  • Dairy Products
  • Chicken

Now, you don’t have to wonder: “what does a Pekingese dog eat?” Keeping your Pekingese healthy is an ultimate challenge for every owner.  It is not an easy task but it is sure is worth it just to see your Peke happy and live longer.  After all, a house is not a home without a pet, right?

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