Take Your Dog To Work Day: Pekingese At Work


Take Your Dog to Work Day” was created by Pet Sitters International in 1999 and was a huge success. Millions of people, some with Pekingese dogs, take advantage of this event every year. For one day every year, you get to enjoy the freedom of bringing your baby with you wherever you go. You can be happy that you are one of the lucky ones to bring your pet to work, instead of feeling guilty for leaving them at home. Yet, it is really important to be prepared to take your Pekingese with you to work, or out anywhere you might go. Here are some helpful things to remember:

Things to take with you:
• Leash – so you can safely walk them anywhere you are or allow them to go to the bathroom when needed
• Water dish – you want to make sure that you have plenty for them to drink throughout the day
• Treats & chew toys – to keep your Pekingese happy, no matter where you are
• Disinfectant towels – just in case of accidents or any other needs that might come up while you are out
• Plastic freezer bags – for accidents

Take Your Dog To Work Day

• Blanket or small pillow – to keep your Pekingese comfortable while you’re away from home

Take Your Dog To Work Day

It is important to remember that not all people love animals as much as you do. Plus, let people who sit near you know you are bringing your Pekingese to work with you. Ask about allergies so you can try to keep your pet away from those that my have health issues with dogs. And, make sure that you take frequent potty breaks, so no accidents happen. If an accident does occur, quickly clean-up with the disinfectant towels and fasten all in the freezer bags, so the smell does not fill the room.

Keep a dish with healthy treats and chew toys that your dog is used to eating close by so they won’t get hungry and they will feel more relaxed as well. Leave some on your desk for anyone who wants to feed your baby. However, keep in mind that today is not a good day for a sick dog, so don’t allow your Peke to be overfed. Provide water in their bowl, safely under your desk so they know it is okay to drink. And let them know it is okay to rest on their favorite pillow or blanket while you work.

Probably the last, yet most important thing to think about how happy is your dog going to be with you at work, or would they be happier at home. Many dogs do not enjoy a change in their daily routines, so consider if Take Your Dog To Work Day is a good idea for your pet before you leave the house. This is especially true if you have a chaotic workday or are constantly in meetings or other places where your dog cannot go. But, some Pekingese dogs love the attention so much, they would be happy working every day and are perfectly happy to go along with you wherever you go.

Have you taken your Peke to work with you? Comment below and let us know some of the do’s and don’t’s that you found out by taking your pet to work…



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