Tips for Pet Owners – Your Pekingese Deserves the Best


In order to become the best pet parent as you can, there are tips for pet owners that would serve as a guide to everyone. Doggie daycare, designer outfits, luxurious beds and princess collars are quite popular among pet parents out there, and it is rather easy to comprehend on why we indulge with our pets. However, pampering your pet is only a bonus; keeping them happy, safe and healthy are the most important priorities every pet owner should attend to.

Tips for Pet Owners – Your Pekingese Desesrves the Best

Common Pet Owner Mistakes

  • Allowing Him to Lead. During walks, if you let your pet walk you than the other way around, then this is already wrong. Tens and thousands of people end up in the ER on a daily basis due to pet-related falls, and these falls occur during walks. Obedience training is the best way to see to it that your pet won’t take you down when you guys are out for a walk.
  • Overlooking External Parasites. Ticks and fleas are common especially when you are out in the woods. Your pet would be highly susceptible to Lyme disease  Rocky mountain spotted fever or other illnesses due to it. And if you let the ticks spread in our home, you whole family would be at risk too. Remove ticks using a tweezers if you see one on your pet and ask for your vet about anti-tick medications.
  • Not Deworming. Roundworms are common in both canines and felines. They would often cause vomiting, diarrhea and often lead to other serious disease. What pet parents don’t realize is that these worms can be a threat to us humans as well. If your infected pet would contaminate in your backyard, tiny worm eggs would be deposited in that area and if you have children in the house, then there is a chance that they would be the ones affected. When roundworms enter the human system, it can cause tissue organ failure, blindness and more. Ask your vet about it.
  • Not Considering about Neuter/Spay. Millions and millions of dogs and cats live in the streets all over the globe and would end up euthanized just because of unwanted litters. Still, a lot of people are still hesitant about neutering/spaying their pets. As a matter of fact, spaying/neutering is healthy for your pet since it would reduce the risk of breast cancer in females and testicular cancer in males.
  • Too Little Exercise. Just like us, humans, our pets also need exercise in order to be healthy. Pets who have nothing to do are more prone to obesity which raises a lot of health concerns.
  • Little Attention. Just like our own kids, your pets would eventually get bored if you don’t take the time to play with them. And with boredom comes troublesome behaviors.
  • No Rules. Not setting up rules with your pets is wrong. Just be consistent on your rules and do not forget to reward his good behavior.
  • Scolding during ‘Accidents.’ If you come home and see a pile of waste or a puddle of pee on the floor, you may want to yell but experts way that this won’t do any good. The deed already happened in the past and he won’t be able to get it why you are mad now.

Tips for Pet Owners

  • Baby Ready Him. Always prep your pet for a baby. Introduction between the two may take some time to adjust. Just set aside one-on-one play time with them in order to ease the transition.
  • Adopt a Pup. Dogs have various personalities just like us, humans. You can always find your perfect match in the pound waiting for you.
  • Puppy Training. Once you already brought home your pup, help him adapt into the family life and take the time to train him.
  • Bath Time. Even your most behaved pekingese would get dirty every now and then. So it is essential that you give him a wash from top to bottom.
  • Grooming. Keep his coat clean and soft by grooming him regularly. Don’t forget to clip his nails too.
  • Household Remedies. If your pet would suffer an emergency, chances are the remedy can just be found in the kitchen. Take the time to learn more about it and be equipped with the knowledge.
Now that you have a new pet at home, it is now time for the fun & hard part! Taking care of a pet isn’t a joke and for a newbie, you will be needing lots of tips for pet owners. You can easily search it up on Google.  Do not worry too much, you can do it. All you have to do is meet all the things that your pet needs.
How is your pekingese lately? Is he healthy and happy?  Share your story with us below!


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