Treating Dry Skin in Dogs: Give your Pekingese a Shiny, Flake-free Coat


Treating Dry Skin in Dogs: Give your Pekingese a Shiny, Flake-free Coat

If you happen to notice that your beloved pet is scratching more than unsual, then chances are he is having issues with flaky, sry skin. And treating dry skin in dogs can be done naturally at home, so do not worry.

Flaky skin is quite obvious to spot when your dog has a dark color. One cannot miss those ‘dandruff’ kind of thing that would be visible on his fur.

If you suspect that your beloved pekingese has a sry skin, then ask your vet about it. Others may tell you to choose a over-the-counter product for your dog but somtimes it would even make the things worse. It is also important that you would know the reason why your dog has a dry, itchy skin. It may be due to some skin issues like scabies or allergies.

And the safest dry skin remedy you an do at home is by adding a dash of olive oil to his daily diet. This is usually what any vet would tell you to do. By adding olove oil to his diet 2-3x a week would help your dog have a flake-free and shiny coat.

Treating Dry Skin in Dogs

Before treating your dog’s dry skin, you need to determine the underlying cause.

You can also try the following home remedies to relieve your dog’s dry skin problem:

  • Add olive oil to his food two or three times a week.
  • Bathe your dog in a warm water and oatmeal solution.
  • Apply teat tree oil, fish oil, calendula extract or vitamin E (all available in health food stores) to his skin.
  • Make sure your dog is well hydrated by providing him with more water, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, or by adding water to his dry dog food

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Natural Remedies for Doggy Dry Skin

  • Put natural food additives. Incorporate on his diet a little oil (olive, vegetable, or fish) or any source of omega 3 fatty acids. Do this 2-3 times per week to promote a shiny fur.
  • Dog shampoo. Bathe your dog with medicated shampoo or a product that is formulated as a cleanser for them.
  • Stroke him. Petting your pet would help him spread out his natural oil. When you pet him, you remove the traces of natural oil on his coat so his follicle and shaft would be stimulated to produce more oil.
  • Use a humidifier. Dry air can cause dry skin on dogs too. It would be ideal to put a humidifier on the room where your pet spends most of his time in. For an on-spot humidifier, you can bring him to the bathroom and run the hot shower with the door closed. Just stay with him inside the bathroom so that he wouldn’t be afraid.
  • Apply topical oils. This is for severe cases already. Give him a massage with a little olive oil once a day.

Treating dry skin in dogs is rather easy however do not depend on the afroementioned tips if you already see wound, lesions, hair loss and excessive licking. This may be sign that there is a more serious reason for his dry skin and you should bring him to the vet for a check up. Allergic reactions to medicine, food, pollen or grass as well as yeast infection, ring worm, and fleas can often be mistaken for dry skin.

Hope this post has been informative to all of you pet parents out there.  And don’t forget to leave your story, opinion or feedbacks on the space provided below.






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