What Makes A Good Pekingese Show Dog For The AKC?


what makes a good Pekingese show dog

what makes a good Pekingese show dog

Do you know what makes a good Pekingese show dog if you are considering showing your Peke? Many people aren’t sure and simply go by how healthy a dog appears, but different clubs have different standards and the AKC has some of the highest standards around. For those that aren’t familiar with the AKC’s requirements for Pekingese show dogs, here are the main areas that you will need to know about if you are considering showing your Peke:

what makes a good Pekingese show dog

Size and Proportion

Pekingese are known for being a smaller breed but also for being heavier than they look. They should weigh under 14 pounds to be qualified as a show quality dog for the AKC, anything over 14 pounds is automatically disqualified. You also want to be sure that your Pekingese has the right proportions for show. The AKC considers the Pekingese’s proportions to be as follows: large head in proportion to the rest of the body and a small difference in height when compared with length when measured from the behind to the chest, which sound be at a ratio of about 5 long to 3 high.

Head Appearance

The appearance of the head in a Pekingese that is in an AKC show is vital to the overall score that the dog gets. There are a lot of requirements just for this area of the dog. The Pekingese should have a broad and flat topskull with wide set eyes. Their cheekbones should also be wide set and their lower jaw should be broad to form out the face in a very rectangular-shaped head. Judges at AKC shows will look at the dog from the top of the head downward, as the skull should be wider than it is long.

The ears should be shaped like a heart and sit on the very front corners of the head. Ears on a Pekingese also should not go down below the jaw line, have heavy fringing feathery fur that frames the face. Their eyes should be big and round as well as very dark and shiny, but not bulging out. The whites of a Pekingese’s eyes shouldn’t show at all when it’s looking straight to the front. Their cute little noses should be wide open instead of pinched at the nostrils.

Wrinkles on their faces should clearly separate the bottom and top areas of their little face. It should be almost a perfect “V” shape that is basically a fold of skin that’s covered with hair. The “V” should go up one cheek to the top of the nose and down the other side to the other cheek. It’s muzzle should be wide and flat, yet well filled in around and below the eyes, and the skin on the muzzle should be solid black. The mouth of your Pekingese is the last area that they will look at and it should be broad and undershot on the lower jaw, with the solid black lips meeting neatly. You shouldn’t have teeth or a tongue showing when the dog closes it’s mouth normally.

Body Appearance

There are several different requirements for show quality for a Pekingese’s body and frame. It should have a pear-shaped body with a short, thick neck, and be low to the ground. The front of the dog should be heavy in the chest without having a breastbone that sticks out. The tail is arched high and carried over it’s back, but shouldn’t have any curls or kinks in it at all.

If you believe that you have a good Pekingese show dog sitting next to you, make sure that you check out the full list of attributes that the AKC will look at when a dog is shown. There are a lot of them, but most are normal Pekingese looks that most of them will automatically have.

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