Why Do Dogs Hate Cats? Know Why your Pekingese Go Gaga Over a Cat


Why do dogs hate cats? Generally, its because they have different social styles. Your pekingese is a social animal while a cat prefers to be alone and independent. Because of this difference, they tend to misunderstand each other; even if your pekingese has a friendly intention towards your neighbor’s cat.

When your pet sees a act, especially if he hasn’t seen one face to face yet, he would walk towards the cat. And having a somewhat different social manner, he would be misinterpreted. Your dog would automatically go behind the cat to sniff its behind as a manner of being sociable but the cat hates that.

When a dog would try to sniff a cat, the cat would immediately react to it by attacking or running away. And once the cat attacks the dog, no matter how friendly his intentions were, he would also fight back. Thus, their attitude towards each other have been tainted and it would appear that the canines hate the felines and vice versa.

Why Do Dogs Hate Cats? Know Why your Pekingese Go Gaga Over a Cat

Why Do Dogs Hate Cats

The differences in personalities may be one of the reasons why both animals cannot live in one household peacefully. Dogs are very playful animals. Dogs are social animals as well. Being social animals, a dog would need to mingle not only with its human family but with other animals as well. Cats though apart from being aloof has the tendency to manifest a haughty demeanor.

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Interpretation of the Tail

Dogs in general wag their tails when they are joyous and glad. The cats on the other hand would wag their tails when they are angry and pissed. Thus, when a dog who has a friendly intention with a cat would walk up wagging a tail. And the cat would see it as a threat, he would attack the dog and then run away. Because of this, your dog would then be perplexed by the cat’s rejection of his proposed friendship. This would then make the dog get mad and chase the cat.

Dogs are Social Beings

Being man’s best bud they are very sociable. Canines would prefer to be around people and would love to interact with just about anything. On the other hand, cats are very aloof and independent. They prefer to hang around by themselves and be alone most of the time. Felines are loners, not unless they decide to be social.

The main issue here is that dogs assume that cats are social creatures like them. Because of this belief, they try to play and interact with the cats. Since cats are antisocial creatures the dogs would take it as a rejection of friendship thus making them mad and chase the cat away.

So, why do dogs hate cats? It is basically because of misunderstanding right from the start. However, not all cats and dogs hate each other, there are several households that have both and cats living together. There are lots of stories and even pictures that may prove that they are getting along and sometimes even cuddling each other.

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