Why Do Female Dogs Hump? Know your Pekingese’s Behavior


Why Do Female Dogs Hump? Know your Pekingese’s Behavior

Why do female dogs hump? That is one question that bothers a pet owner, especially if it is his/her first time seeing it. Humping, mounting and masturbation are actually normal behaviors in dogs. In general, our dogs masturbate in several ways. They hump and mount other animals, objects like blankets, toys, bed and even us, people. There are times that they would rub against us or any other object minus the humping, or that they would simply lick themselves.

Young puppies often mount and hump on their play mates, toys, siblings, and even handler. Experts believe that such a behavior is a practive for them for their sexual encounters in the future. When a puppy reach sexual maturity, he would begin to mount other dogs.

Males that are not neutered often masturbate if you do not allow him to approach a female that is in heat. Most of the time during their courtship phase, the female would be the one to mount and hump on the male. It is also common to see female dogs mount and hump other females when she or both of them are in heat.

Why Do Female Dogs Hump

Well, the reason is pretty basic and it turns out that female dogs do the humping for the exact same reason that male dogs do. It is a hormone driven reaction and is a sense of release for even female dogs. It definitely sounds and looks strange, but it seems that female dogs get just as aroused and expressive about it than the male dogs do.

Source: Knows Why, http://www.knowswhy.com/why-do-female-dogs-hump/ by Radan

Why She/He Does It?

  • Play Mode. Sexual behaviors like humping and mounting are all part of a normal play behavior in dogs. Take note, that they don’t display erections nor ejaculate when they are in play.
  • Sexual Reasons. Masturbation is normal in dogs as it is normal for humans. Both genders would mount other dogs, objects and even people. Majority of the people don’t know that such a behavior is not limited to the male populace of the specie.
  • Excitement or Stress Related. There are dogs that respond to exciting or stressful events by humping and mounting. Just like when he first meets a new dog, he may get over excited and may mount the new dog, its owner or any object nearby.
  • Social Behavior. There are cases that your dog would hump and mount on you or other dogs to show dominance and social status towards other people especially if you have new visitors around.

Hopefully that answered your query on why do female dogs hump. Sometimes, it is also an attention-seeking behavior.  She may be bored and don’t know what else to do since she didn’t get enough exercise to burn all her pent up energy inside. Whatever the cause it, know that humping comes normally in dogs and you don’t have to be worried about it much. However, if you think that her/his humping is already too much try seeing your vet to rule out any medical-related conditions.

Have you seen your pekingese hump? How did you handle it? Feel free to share with us your story.



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