Why You Should Consider Rescuing A Pekingese Puppy?


With the massive amount of breeders out there, why should you consider rescuing a Pekingese puppy? There are many reasons to buy a dog, but there are even more to rescue one. Many people out there will get a Pekingese puppy simply because they are cute. They don’t do much research on them, find out how to properly care for them, or the different health issues that they need to watch for. They bring home their new little furry ball of joy and when they don’t like something the dog does, or they find out that it might be more work than they bargained for, they want to get rid of it. While some Pekes find new homes with other families, some end up in shelters or rescues, waiting.

rescuing a Pekingese puppy

rescuing a Pekingese puppy

rescuing a Pekingese puppy

Of course, some people take a new Pekingese puppy home without considering how their other pets might react to it or how other family members might like it. Human allergies, dog dominance and jealousy, and so many more factors can also play a role in wonderful little Pekingese puppies finding themselves in shelters.

If you’re considering getting a new Pekingese puppy, we recommend that you check different rescues and shelters around your area first before you buy one. There are plenty of great Pekingese rescue organizations all around the world that can help you find the perfect Peke for your family. Plus, no matter what you may think, Pekingese dogs that are in shelters are not “bad” or “emotionally damaged” or have other issues that make them not worthy of homes. In fact, many are waiting to have good, loving homes and will fit right in with a new family.

When you consider rescuing a Pekingese puppy or even adult dog, keep in mind that you are saving a life. Dogs don’t understand why they were taken to a shelter and why their family didn’t want them, they simply know that they miss having a family that will love them. The Pekingese breed longs for attention and love, and when they don’t get it, they can become lonely and depressed. Saving a Peke from a shelter can mean that you are saving the life of that dog in more ways than one. Aside from the risk of being put to sleep if there is not room for them, there is the risk of a Peke withdrawing into a “shell” because they are so lonely. It’s hard to look at those little faces and even consider that one of them might be sad.

 While there is nothing wrong with buying a Pekingese puppy from a breeder, there are many more perks to getting one from a rescue or a shelter. So the next time that you are thinking of adding another Peke to your family, consider rescuing a Pekingese puppy from a shelter near you. You gain a furry family member and they gain a forever home that can provide everything they need – including lots of love and attention.

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  1. Do you have any idea where I can rescue a Peke? I have my Peke Cody that is lonely since we lost our collie Lacey a yr ago. I can tell he is a little depressed. If you have any leads to a rescue pleas let me know! Thank you!


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